Gamification of the Alsa Customer Experience, Creation of the Customer Experience within the field of international mobility through "Comandos ALSA".


Comandos ALSA

Customer Experience Creation within the scope of international mobility.

the challenge

How could we make our workers put themselves in the client's shoes and, in turn, extract all their knowledge to generate ideas?

the solution

"Comandos ALSA" is a gamified experience to bring the customer experience closer to the company. This game is packaged in a box and consists of a guide, a toolkit, and some templates. The aim of this experience is that any person of the company, regardless of their knowledge in innovation, can improve and contribute ideas in a clear and systematic process to the company.


This project results from some workshops in which the workers took part. They did not only learned about methodologies but also achieved shaping their ideas. Would you like to know more about Empowerment?

more about Empowerment

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