Workshop of development of innovation dynamics to create ideas with Oracle technology thinking about customers.

Design Coaching For Oracle

The user at the center of the Technological Revolution

Development of innovation dynamics to create ideas with Oracle technology thinking about customers.

the challenge

How could we create a new experience when selling Oracle technology? How could we make our clients build their ideas from their users' needs? How could we help to land those ideas in concepts?

the solution

"Digital Disruptive Experience" is an experience to create new concepts and help Oracle workers on first contact meetings with their clients. To this effect, we defined and built a digital innovation roadmap to ease the workshop facilitation. In parallel, we created the material and empowered Oracle teams to ensure the optimal development of the experience.

Design Coaching

This project was the result of some customized workshops, adapted to industry needs. They did not only learned about methodologies but also achieved to ideate solutions. Would you like to know more about Empowerment?

Endesa, Training plan through the design thinking methodology at Endesa


Endesa | Facilita con Design Thinking

Predispark, Conceptualization and design of a digital app for people suffering dysphagia.

Design Studio

GeniticAI | Predispark

Visualfy, product design, technology in serve of deaf people, accompaniment and development in all stages of product design.

Design Studio

Visualfy | Technology to improve deaf people assistance

Development of creative processes using Design Thinking methodology. Innovaidea: the innovative employee's toolkit


VidaCaixa | Innovaidea: the toolkit of the innovative employee

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