Training and definition of the Securitas worker experience.

Training For Securitas

Teamwork's experiences

Training and definition of the employee experience.

the challenge

How could we visualize and understand the current journey of the Securitas Direct worker to detect pain points and thus adopt solutions with focus? How could we, at the same time, train the Human Resources team of Securitas Direct in the Design Thinking methodology with a real challenge for the company?

the solution

To understand the current experience of Securitas Direct workers, we performed practical training for eight days and with different profiles of People Management. In doing so, while we taught the Design Thinking methodology, they built the employee journey to reinvent the points of improvement. Once we defined these points of action, we proceed to ideation and prototyping.


Training workers to acquire agile and efficient processes, but aiming to improve their own employee experience. Would you like to know more about Empowerment?

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