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Artificial Intelligence applied to the pharmaceutical industry.


How could we carry out a brand redesign in which, from its user's perception, address from the image to the strengths and weaknesses in communication?


After a study of brand perception with the founding partners, we defined the values to be able to design the branding of the company. In turn, we analyzed and interviewed their customers to see their impressions and understand where we should direct their communication.


We adapt our working method to each company to find useful, truthful and delightful experiences for people. Would you like to know more Creation projects?

Brand Design for UR Risk. Image and brand identity creation.

Design Studio

UR Risk | High-risk branding

Conceptualization and design of a technological and gamified product, Nikoop, for Fagor Ederlan.

Design Studio

Fagor Ederlan | The technology that generates Culture

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