Strategy design and execution of internal communication pieces for Fundació FCBarcelona.

Fundació FC Barcelona

Corporate strategy and communication

Strategy design and execution of internal communication pieces.

the challenge

How could the Innovation Department of FC Barcelona let the rest of the organization know its full potential? How could they show this value simply and straightforward?

the solution

Firstly, we carried out some workshops with the innovation team to visualize and understand what they were doing, from there, we proposed a communication style that was easier and more understandable for the rest of the departments. In other words, we managed to explain what they were and how they could help the rest of the divisions of the Club. To make communication more impactful, we designed some tactile screens that help to generate more dynamic presentations.


A project in which we delve into the company to deliver a solution and improve its visual communication. Would you like to know more Creation projects?

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