Visualfy, product design, technology in serve of deaf people, accompaniment and development in all stages of product design.


Technology in service of deaf people

Accompaniment and development in all stages of product design.

the challenge

How could we design an iconic product with a ground-breaking aesthetic that gets out of the typical technological casings?

the solution

We carried out the definition and construction of a casing that integrates all the technology developed by the company Visualfy. The goal was creating an iconic object that strengthens the product brand identity. Thanks to the co-creations and concept testings with the business leaders, we created a design that gives presence to the idea worked by Visualfy. Both, the design of the product and the packaging, were developed to optimize the space, thereby bringing shipping costs down.


We accompanied Visualfy team in search of solutions, from the analysis of the user to the market implementation. Would you like to know more about Creation?

more about Creation

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