Reinventing the patient experience

Bootcamp For Sensar

Training and definition of ideas in the patient experience.


How could we generate ideas to improve the patient's experience? How could we, at once, learn and adjust these new Design Thinking methodologies to improve patient safety in the anesthesiology sector?


For nine weeks, we carried out a blended program along with SENSAR (a national professional network of anesthesiologists focus on patient safety). We applied the Design Thinking methodology to set up an innovation project oriented to provide solutions for patient safety in the scope of anesthesia and pain treatment.


By training, we offered the experts tools to create ideas that impact on Patient Experience. Would you like to know more Empowerment projects?

Gamification of the Alsa Customer Experience, Creation of the Customer Experience within the field of international mobility through "Comandos ALSA".

Design Coaching

ALSA | Comandos ALSA

Training and definition of the Securitas worker experience.


Securitas | Teamwork’s experiences

Implementation of Design Thinking methodologies to revolutionize the corporate culture of the institution. Agile products led by Design Thinking

Design Coaching

Santander | Agile products led by Design Thinking

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