Blou, conceptualization and product design by Thinkers Co, material adaptable to your needs.

Design Studio For Blou

Material adaptable to your needs

Conceptualization and product design.

the challenge

How could we create an element for the hospitality industry showing the virtues of LG Himacs material?

the solution

The LG Himacs multinational raised a challenge in the design of catering-oriented products and spaces. The premise was making use of its material, an acrylic stone, as an essential design requirement. The BLOU holder is a vertical table for catering and events, made entirely in LG Himacs. The dishes perfectly fit on it so each attendant can smoothly get a snack.

Design Studio

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Visualfy, product design, technology in serve of deaf people, accompaniment and development in all stages of product design.

Design Studio

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Design Coaching

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