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Creation of the Customer Experience through the workers.


How could we involve the front line of the company to design "The Customer Experience Guide"?


Our goal was to improve and develop guidelines focused on the customer experience to empower frontline employees (drivers and window sellers), cause they are in contact with the end user. "The Customer Experience Guide" of the ALSA workers was the result of agile research and of ideation and co-creation sessions that aimed to generate short and long-term solutions. This project was awarded in the DEC for the Best Employee Initiative 2016.


In the course of these dynamics, we worked a wide variety of strategic tools and methods that will help them to stand out from their competitors. Would you like to know more about Empowerment?

Brand redesign in which, from users' perception, we worked from the image to the strengths and weaknesses in communication for Bisiona, pharmacy industry.

Design Studio

BISIONA | Strengthen what matters most

Definition of creative dynamics based on the Design Thinking methodology for Orange, in search of the creative worker.

Design Coaching

Orange | In search of the creative worker

Spaces to connect people for Repsol. Ideation and design of collaborative innovation spaces.


Repsol | Spaces to connect people

Gamification of the Alsa Customer Experience, Creation of the Customer Experience within the field of international mobility through "Comandos ALSA".

Design Coaching

ALSA | Comandos ALSA

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