Ideation workshops and creation of concepts for the Marketing plan through Design Thinking training for Ambar.

Bootcamp For Ambar

Looking for creative opportunities from our client Ambar

Ideation workshops and creation of concepts for the Marketing plan.

the challenge

How could we encourage the Marketing team to generate creative ideas based on their customer's needs?

the solution

We made a formation where we introduce the philosophy of Design Thinking, so that, through Ambar challenges, they could listen and understand the needs of their users. The purpose was generating new ideas that could evolve into concepts that drive attraction and engagement.


The dynamics boosted the generation of initial concepts focused on the client for a posterior deployment in the Marketing Plan. Would you like to know more about Empowerment?

DAS Digital Transformation, Design of Innovation Roadmaps for the deployment of digital transformation ideas.

Design Coaching

DAS | Digital transformation is close at hand

Implementation of Design Thinking methodologies to revolutionize the corporate culture of the institution. Agile products led by Design Thinking

Design Coaching

Santander | Agile products led by Design Thinking

Training and definition of the Securitas worker experience.


Securitas | Teamwork's experiences

Conceptualization and design of a technological and gamified product, Nikoop, for Fagor Ederlan.

Design Studio

Fagor Ederlan | The technology that generates Culture

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