Design Studio For UR Risk

High-risk branding

Creation of brand image and identity.


How could we create a new brand from scratch that flees the topics of financial analysis and, in turn, does not move away from it?


UR Risk is a company that analyzed financial risks. The idea was working from scratch to shape its image. After visualizing the different organizations in the financial industry, we created an identity that stands up but, at once, do not generate distrust. A solid but different image. First defining the corporate values, we developed the graphic line, brand manual and basic stationery for the beginning of this brand that had just born.


We shaped a recallable brand with the aim of unlocking the full potential of the institution and offering a people-centered design. Would you like to know more Creation projects?

Design and construction of a new digital service and customer experience. Dovase, the digital artisan.

Design Studio

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