UX redesign for Liberbank.


New business models

Design focused on the needs of the financial user.

the challenge

How could we redefine the Banking of the Future? What new products or services could we offer to add value to the customer beyond what already exists? What new ways of relating to them could we discover?

the solution

The research phase was fundamental to develop new proposals cause we needed to find out a differentiating opportunity and niche facing the competence. That is why, beyond focusing on bank services or existing technology, we performed ethnographies to understand how people relate to their money and which are their levers or pains. Draw from this information, we started the ideation sessions with the bank team to define power ideas, and with them, we carried out the co-creation with the final customer. As a result, we presented a visual prototype of a series of concepts for new business lines centered on customer experience.


In projects of high uncertainty, it is necessary to let ourselves be surprised by users, and find powerful insights that act as leverage in the ideation phase. Would you like to know more about Creation?

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