Development of creative processes using Design Thinking methodology. Innovaidea: the innovative employee's toolkit


Innovaidea: the toolkit of the innovative employee

Development of creative processes using Design Thinking methodology.

the challenge

How could we create a replicable creative roadmap, so Vidacaixa workers learn an innovation process that helps them to think ideas centered on their user?

the solution

Framed into the Innovaidea project, we built and developed an ideas competition focused on understanding VidaCaixa customer. To this effect, we expressly designed a basic itinerary to learn how to create concepts based on our users adopting a Human-Centered Design approach. We collected them in a manual or application guide and performed some face-to-face sessions of "insights search" and "ideas generation" where to apply it.


We carried out some dynamics, in order to workers themselves were able to apply innovation methodologies on their own and exercise their creativity. Would you like to know more about Empowerment?

more about Empowerment

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