Training For Endesa

Facilita con Design Thinking

Training plan through the design thinking methodology.


How could we create a training plan adapted to the “Sales and Support School” of Endesa, in a way that helps them manage Design Thinking sessions?


“Facilita con Design Thinking” it’s a training plan that consists of a program in which, through real challenges from the sector, we applied the Design Thinking methodology. This program was emphasizing not only on the tools, but also on tips about how to manage sessions to boost people’s potential.


The main goal was to develop skills in generating ideas, so little by little they could get confident while leading creative teams. Would you like to know more about Empowerment?

Brand Design for UR Risk. Image and brand identity creation.

Design Studio

UR Risk | High-risk branding

Predispark, Conceptualization and design of a digital app for people suffering dysphagia.

Design Studio

GeniticAI | Predispark

Spaces to connect people for Repsol. Ideation and design of collaborative innovation spaces.


Repsol | Spaces to connect people

Creation of Customer Experience through workers for Alsa, by Thinkers Co.


ALSA | Love on every journey

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