Design Studio For Minai

Exteriorize the rest

Outdoor furniture. Product design and art direction.


How could we design a new line of outdoor furniture from the internal resources of a small cushion factory?


"Minai Experience" redefines the concept of furnishing seeking original sensations and experiences. The project was oriented to the product development foreseeing new relax and rest attitudes. Formal scouting aiming to satisfy the user through the experimentation with different models and possibilities. Find out more.


Following market research, we created innovative products to offer the user a unique experience. Would you like to know more Creation projects?

Design and construction of a new digital service and customer experience. Dovase, the digital artisan.

Design Studio

DOVASE | The digital artisan

Conceptualization and design of a technological and gamified product, Nikoop, for Fagor Ederlan.

Design Studio

Fagor Ederlan | The technology that generates Culture

Spaces to connect people for Repsol. Ideation and design of collaborative innovation spaces.


Repsol | Spaces to connect people

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