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Visualfy, product design, technology in serve of deaf people, accompaniment and development in all stages of product design.

Technology in service of deaf people

Visualfy | Retail & Consumer Goods

Development of creative processes using Design Thinking methodology. Innovaidea: the innovative employee's toolkit

Innovaidea: the toolkit of the innovative employee

VidaCaixa | Finance Banking & Insurance

Strategy design and execution of internal communication pieces for Fundació FCBarcelona.

Corporate strategy and communication

Fundació FC Barcelona | Social Impact

Gamification of the Alsa Customer Experience, Creation of the Customer Experience within the field of international mobility through "Comandos ALSA".

Comandos ALSA

ALSA | Transport & Communications

Spaces to connect people for Repsol. Ideation and design of collaborative innovation spaces.

Spaces to connect people

Repsol | Industry & Technology

UX redesign for Liberbank.

New business models

Liberbank | Finance Banking & Insurance

DAS Digital Transformation, Design of Innovation Roadmaps for the deployment of digital transformation ideas.

Digital transformation in the palm of your hand

DAS | Finance Banking & Insurance

Implementation of Design Thinking methodologies to revolutionize the corporate culture of the institution. Agile products led by Design Thinking

Agile products led by Design Thinking

Santander | Finance Banking & Insurance

Training and definition of the Securitas worker experience.

The experience of teamwork

Securitas | Finance Banking & Insurance

Conceptualization and design of a technological and gamified product, Nikoop, for Fagor Ederlan.

The technology that generates Culture

Fagor Ederlan | Industry & Technology

Definition of creative dynamics based on the Design Thinking methodology for Orange, in search of the creative worker.

In search of the creative worker

Orange | Transport & Communications

Digital product ideation and design for Deutsche Bank, the totem that makes your dreams come true.

The totem that makes your dreams come true

Deutsche Bank | Finance Banking & Insurance

Definition and construction of an open innovation digital tool for Feuga.

Together, we form a whole

Feuga | Social Impact

Creation of Customer Experience through workers for Alsa, by Thinkers Co.

Love on every journey

ALSA | Transport & Communications

Brand redesign in which, from users' perception, we worked from the image to the strengths and weaknesses in communication for Bisiona, pharmacy industry.

Strengthen what matters most

BISIONA | Health Services

Blou, conceptualization and product design by Thinkers Co, material adaptable to your needs.

Material adaptable to your needs

Blou | Retail & Consumer Goods

Brand Design for UR Risk. Image and brand identity creation.

High-risk branding

UR Risk | Finance Banking & Insurance

Training and definition of ideas for Sensar patient Experience through Design Thinking methodology.

Reinventing the patient experience

Sensar | Health Services

Outdoor furniture, product design and art direction for Minai, concept redefinition.

Exteriorize the rest

Minai | Retail & Consumer Goods

Design and construction of a new digital service and customer experience. Dovase, the digital artisan.

The digital artisan

DOVASE | Retail & Consumer Goods

Creation of new business ideas for Save The Children via Design Thinking methodology.

Hackday #RetoSave


Research and prototyping of a new offer for a customer niche of Asisa, product creation focused on their needs.

Rediscovering our customer

Asisa | Health Services

Ideation workshops and creation of concepts through innovation methodologies like Design Thinking for FERSA.

Creating services through our Users

FERSA | Industry & Technology

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