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Designpedia is a creativity and innovation manual that collects 80 tools based on design principles, Design Thinking, for problem-solving.


The power of Design Thinking in your hands

We elaborated the first book with all the Design Thinking tools and its free access digital version, because we want to help people to design, think and innovate more efficiently.

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Dothink is a digital, visual and collaborative platform that puts the Designpedia tools at your fingertips to speed-up your innovation processes. A product of Thinkers Co.


Work digitally all your innovation processes

We design creative procedures to be more agile, efficient and obtain better results in the development of new solutions through our collaborative environment.

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Furniture for collaborative and innovative spaces. Forthink creates adaptive environments that align with the work teams needs in creative processes.


Inspiring spaces

Forthink is the new type of furniture that makes spaces more effective in supporting innovation as a business process and as a creative activity. Comfort for new mindsets.

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