We develop new design capabilities and solution implementation in your team, establishing new working models to address your organization's challenges through experimentation, always with the customer at the center.

We transform the culture of your organization and develop new ways of working based on design and human capital, so that your team can face strategic challenges in a more agile way, achieving effective solutions in projects of high uncertainty and providing greater value to your company.

People development​

Learn and apply​

Transformation starts from within. At Thinkers Co. we provide learning experiences to get the most out of your team, enhancing their capabilities in solving your company's challenges.

We provide your team with knowledge, tools and new working models. Through training sessions and processes guided by experts, we facilitate and accelerate their development. We carry out processes to accompany your team to learn, adopt and scale new ways of working in the day to day of your organization, based on intra-entrepreneurship and self-organization.

Culture and networks​

Inspire and connect

With a new way of acting based on the knowledge of new working models, it is important to generate and maintain connections between people in order to share practices that help to drive your organization.

To this end, we accompany and guide the development of communities of praxis and the creation of models of shared knowledge, in order to encourage a change of mentality and promote the construction of networks that allow progress to be made in the implementation of a new "way of doing".

Processes and toolkits​​

Set up and scale​

In order to activate the new ways of working in your organization, it is necessary to adapt its internal functioning, establishing an environment and a working model that allows you to accelerate internal solutions, encouraging the creation of value.

At Thinkers Co. we design processes adapted to the needs and objectives of your company, to generate innovation and scalable and sustainable transformation.

We adapt the methodologies establishing our own modus operandi, we provide your organization with a step-by-step manual of new practices to make the new way of working scalable and to implement it safely.
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