We accelerate the transformation of your organization by performing specific tasks as one of your team. To do so, we reimagine and rethink the customer and employee experience, with the purpose of creating products and services oriented to maximize business objectives.

During the development of a project, it is common to resolve unforeseen events and face difficulties impossible to identify at the beginning. At Thinkers Co. we are flexible and agile and, to achieve this, we work in sprints; in this way, if a change is needed, it is made only in the part involved and in a short period of time.
We have a specialized team, whose goal in each project is to address your challenges from the understanding of them, through the needs of stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees ...), to the materialization of actionable concepts for implementation.

Agile research​

Identify opportunities​

The basis of a good project is to identify and understand the needs and opportunities of the project, and then apply this knowledge in action strategies. To do this, we develop agile, people-centered research that helps us to understand and generate insights through various research techniques and processes, such as interviews, user panels or field visits. In this way, we can understand users' unmet needs, expectations and concerns. Once we have understood the users, we analyze market trends and explore the competition, to cross these insights with the objectives of your organization and define the best opportunities in an action roadmap. ​

Ideation and cocreation​

Define value concepts​

Once we have clearly determined the current challenges and have understood the opportunities, we develop creative brainstorming and ideation sessions as a team to generate and build initial ideas.

With these initial ideas and rapid prototyping, it is important to start testing the potential solution with stakeholders to see if it really meets their needs and adds value to their day-to-day lives. Based on their feedback, we evolve and adjust the ideas to achieve possible solutions to the challenge or opportunity and finish defining the way forward.

Prototyping and testing​

Develop and implement​

Once we have determined the value solutions for customers and business, we materialize functional prototypes that develop the ideas and concepts worked throughout the process. Always with a vision focused on the user and an original visual care that brings characterization and distinction to the solution.

We develop final designs that allow a clear visualization of the final solution and test experiments with stakeholders to assess the roadmap and investment.
Some of our projects

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