Reconceptualización del producto para mejorar la penetración en el mercado

Design Sprints to generate an attractive value proposition for users

You have a product that does not fully meet the needs of your market. You see how, year after year, the competition is eating into your market in a specific sector. You talk about this problem over coffee or in the corridors, but day-to-day business does not allow you to implement a powerful solution. This is what was happening to our client, a publishing house focused on English education that had realized that textbooks were not selling at the infant stage.


Children in the early childhood stage learn by playing, doing and listening, but not by reading. More and more teachers prefer to prepare their own content to better suit the learning needs of their students. This content is often taken from the internet and may be flawed, but they still prefer it to textbooks.


How could we reshape our content so that it is perceived as a learning experience?


To find, in 3 days, solutions that allow us to offer our content adapted to the needs of the children’s classroom. 


To speed things up we use what is called Design Sprint: a 5-day workshop, traditionally structured in 5 phases: Analyze, Ideate, Select, Prototype and Test. One of the first to use this technique was Google Ventures, and its purpose is to have a tested solution for the user in the duration of an Agile Sprint. 

Okay, but our client’s need had little to do with a software application: how can we rethink the physical product of a company in 5 days? We decided to adapt this technique to our needs, and we went from a 5-day workshop to a 3-day workshop, eliminating the Prototyping and Testing part of the equation. Does that mean that we didn’t prototype or test? No. Once the workshop was over, our team of experts started to generate the necessary prototypes so that these ideas could be tested with real customers of the publishing house.

What happened in the workshop?

We worked as a team. Prior to the workshop, the Thinkers Co. team helped present the data obtained by our client. This allowed the first day we all got on the same page, helped the team share their knowledge and reflect on it through exercises and techniques that allowed them to leave having understood the problem deeply. The second day we moved on to ideation. We drafted challenges and drew from them to devise solutions that we then prioritized. By the end of the second day we had selected the 10 most relevant ideas and developed them through sketches and diagrams. On the last day we chose or mixed the ideas generating 3 applicable concepts with which we could work on their business ideas, seeing if it was possible to implement them at a business level. 

At the end of the workshop, we were able to generate different types of prototypes for the different products. For those solutions that turned out to be digital, we created navigable mockups and storyboards. For the physical products we generated mockups that could be adapted to catalogs or elements that schools were used to test the business idea.


At Thinkers Co. we look for the way of doing things that best suits the needs of our clients and their users. Our goal is to find value hand in hand with people. 

If you want us to help you accelerate the transformation of your organization by transmitting our experience through workshops or performing specific tasks as one more in your team, with the purpose of creating products and services oriented to maximize business objectives, we are here to help you.

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