Business Model

This roadmap will allow you to investigate new ideas for the creation of a Business Model through different Design Thinking tools.


  • Create business ideas from scratch.
  • Learn how to build solutions from the customer and market needs.
  • Build something "visual" that makes easier the co-creation with the customer and let us carry out with sense.


When launching any business design, we should have a minimum of focus. That's why it is important asking ourselves these questions before starting the itinerary:

  • Which industry do you want to approach?
  • Why do you want to face that subject?
  • Which opportunities do you initially see?
  • What customer problem justifies that opportunity?

All this should lead us to a problem approach or a business opportunity to solve.


When finished this itinerary, we will have defined a first business model adjusted to customer's voice, in other words, we will have the weaving of a business scenario that we could kick off in a reasonable time. The result also includes the activation strategy for this new business opportunity.

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