Innovation and Creativity Processes

Tools out of a usage context and process are not actionable and understandable. That's why we propose three replicable innovation roadmaps for different types of usual projects in a company.

Each one of them contains a set of core tools, grouped by phase. You can access to the explanation and an example of how to apply each one.

They are not closed processes, they are a starting point. They are, above all, liquid processes adjustable to any moment and context. Depending on this and your degree of learning, you can add or remove those tools you consider necessary.

Itinerarios de InnovaciĆ³n y Creatividad

Benefits of systematizing innovation:

  • Make innovation accessible to any person of the company.
  • Create a common framework in the company to bring order in the uncertainty of an innovation project.
  • Set the basis for each person/company to create their own innovation language.

Innovate and implement continuously to stay competitive, the environment itself will help you refine the result.

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