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BlogDesign Thinking for schools, enhace innovation in the learning.
Today, Design Thinking has become a real buzzword on everyone's lips in the business world, with the aim of defining a new creative approach to generate ideas. Immersed in Business Schools, it is also quite present in processes and models of customer experience and social projects. But, apart from training "adult" people and being focused in one way or another towards obtaining income; are there more applications in which the Design Thinking is useful?

Undoubtedly, one is in the world of education. IDEO and Standford, referents of the design culture in the world, undertake for some time now a parallel journey of integration of Design Thinking tools and their methodologies in the pre-university academic environment. Broadly, it is based on 2 action lines:

  • Train teachers on how to use tools for the definition and creation of dynamics and practices in the classroom.
  • Train students to be the trigger for the development of creativity.

Both options are exciting paths, can be hand in hand or unattached. The difference is simply in the action focus, assuming that in this challenging world, the two ways are necessary. Recently, this consultant from San Francisco launched its second version of the Design Thinking for Educators online manual.

A creative process that helps you design meaningful solutions in the classroom, at your school, and in your community. The toolkit provides you with instructions to explore Design Thinking.

Perhaps due to its more professional profile and immersed in the commercial world, its approach is aimed at teachers, since its fundamental value is professional training for the use of tools. Therefore, in collaboration with the Riverdale Country School, IDEO has created this guide and made it available to all educators interested in experimenting with Design Thinking. This guide is adapted specifically to the context of education empowering teachers to create solutions with impact.

In general, both initiatives are a good reflection of the potential of applying design in the educational field. It is an emerging work line and there are still many things to do. However, as we can see, everything starts again on the other side of the ocean. Design Thinking came to our country with some delay, and, with the lag, these initiatives will gain the value in our homes.

From Thinkers Co. we are convinced that, to change things and also the society (a very ambitious challenge), we have to start with Education. That is why we have been developing innovation itineraries some time ago, so we can help spread the design process culture. These itineraries are giving us results in the adult world while we adjust them for school teachers.

Published at 26/04/2018

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