4 Benefits of Design Research

How Design Research helps you design perfect services or products

4 Benefits of Design Research
It often happens that, after working hard on a wonderful idea and creating a product that the whole team liked, and even winning a design award or two, when you launch it on the market it doesn't get the expected results. What happened? If the design was perfect. But... Ah! You didn't take the user into account.

Design Thinking always puts the user at the centre of projects.

There is no point in creating a product or service that meets all design standards or is the most complete in terms of functionality if what the user really needs and seeks is something else.There is a need to create products and services that provide the value that the customer is looking for and for this an essential phase in any project is the Design Research. This research method consists of user-centered analysis and resolves questions about:
  • Who is our client?
  • What problems or needs do you have?
  • How do you currently face these problems or needs?

Design Research helps us to get to know the user in depth, providing us with the qualitative and quantitative information we need through tools such as empathy map, person, interviews, etc.

This type of research always requires a lot of time, dedication and effort to get powerful insights, but it's a worthwhile investment because it will get us there:
  1. Real and consistent data on which to base the designs. In this way we will not be influenced by fashions or our own beliefs, but we will have evidence obtained in the analysis.
  2. strong>Empathize with the client being able to put ourselves in their place and see things from their point of view. It is about getting to know your user so thoroughly that you know better than him what his pain points or his needs.
  3. strong>Put focus and be able to prioritize functionalities during the project. It often happens that during the creation process, sometimes, the uncertainty becomes more evident and it is in these moments where the research will help us putting focus to the work.
  4. Products and services of value to the user. At the end of the whole process you will have created a surprising experience for the user that will adapt to their needs and solve their problems.
Happy customers, surprising results.

In Thinkers Co., we have been working in depth on user research processes in companies in all sectors for some time. It is in this practical experience that we see the need to carry out each of the phases of the analysis and the difficulties caused by not going deeply enough into any of them. In our projects page you will be able to know some of the practical cases where Design Research has been key for the success of the project.

Published at 26/09/2019

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