People: drivers of change

What would be from the organizations without people? and without a team?

Nowadays, most companies, whether small or large, are immersed in many organizational changes and have adopted new working methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, or Agile. After all, in the market, it is about adapting or dying, and we opted for new solutions that help us to reach our goals more quickly or effectively. This means that, as a consequence, we find ourselves in environments of uncertainty and constant change in organizations. We are immersed in a phase of adaptation to the culture of innovation.

Many of the companies that have made this change have obtained great results as a result of the transformation of the work model. What has become clear is that it has ceased to be a simple market trend, as many companies are already making an impact through change. Among the different transformation projects in which we have participated so far together with the HR (Human Resources) department, we have found several challenges to pull the work team and thus lead the transformation and adaptation of the team to new methodologies and ways of working . And the question always ends up being the same …

How can an organization manage to adapt to the constant change and uncertainty that this generates and continue to obtain good results?

In this type of organizational changes, the team is the key piece. It is not about modifying the way in which we execute our work alone, but about changing the way we work.

Unlearning all the work models we have learned and trained, to relearn new ways of working and learning as a team.

It is a change in cultural transformation. Adapting and training the team for the constant change and uncertainty that we find in the market itself.

In this situation of implementation of new methods of work and transformation, it is vital to accompany and integrate the work team in the process. Workers are more than ever the protagonists of the company’s own scenario and are the biggest engine of change that we can find in organizations. Therefore, it is essential to involve this cultural, organizational, and process change to the work team.

But, what are the keys to generate the traction we need in our team?

There are many elements that can help us to strengthen the cultural transformation that will allow us to address current and future changes in the organization. These are our four proposals:

  • Deliver the tools you need to your team.
    When a worker feels that the company in which he works gives him the opportunity to continue growing as a professional and as a person in his work, he values the effort that the company makes and is grateful. Work on giving your team the tools they need in their day, as is the example of training. Because in this way, you can give strength and resources to your team to adapt with more enthusiasm and better in the processes of change.
  • Make your team the protagonist of its own transformation.
    One of the most effective tools to get a team adapted to the new changes is to make them protagonists of it because they really are. Make them feel important, an agent of change. Encourage collaboration and action on the team. It is important to create a climate of trust. Trust is a central issue in human interaction, so building it is essential to be a team and get to pull it. When we feel part of the team and protagonists of the process, we all work to achieve the shared vision of the company.
  • Listen actively.
    Many times the worker feels that is not heard or that his opinion does not have as much value. Even so, we are increasingly aware of the value of listening to employees. It is one of the biggest changes experienced in most organizations in recent years. Remember, listen to your workers actively and, in addition to giving them their space and increasing their job satisfaction, you would get new points of view on the challenges you are facing to have a 360 view of the real situation of the company and face the challenges with a more complete and better-oriented strategy.
  • Encourage the heart.
    The motivation in the workers is one of the main keys for the transformation. The people themselves are the only ones that can generate that change in themselves and adapt. That is why it is vital to encourage the heart of your team. For this, there are two key things that we do not have to forget about. On the one hand, celebrate the successes. Just as it is important to learn to manage and accept the error within the team, a big forgotten is usually to celebrate team victories. It is something that unites the team and gives a lot of energy to the worker. Finally, sharing those emotions by celebrating a team victory is what will also allow you to feel confident when you fail later. And at the hand of this, is also to recognize the merits of each worker. The recognition is a key piece to motivate the team. Being aware of the efforts of each worker and recognizing them is essential to keep each worker plugged in.

In conclusion, the main organizational transformations of the moment are based on a cultural change of the team to face the organizational changes of the present and the future. That is why the great challenge of organizations is not based on innovating innovating, but on knowing how to adapt and accompany the team in this change of innovation. There are already many companies that are working in this line from the HR teams.

Find among our innovation projects the challenges related to the work team in which we have worked to inspire you.

Updated at 19/05/2021

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