Javier Ferrando Perez joins the team as Operations Director

The Thinkers team keeps growing!​


We are proud to welcome Javier Ferrando Pérez, ISDI Ambassador, as our new Director of Operations at Thinkers Co.

After the “turbulences” of the last few years, we can say that our team is more united than ever!

Today we can consider ourselves a big family of thinkers, where each one of us has a very different background and experiences, but we work perfectly together as a team, which every day is hungrier for new challenges.

In Thinkers Co. we trust in the power of design to face complex challenges of high uncertainty

Our new thinker Javier Ferrando Pérez, is a digital enthusiast who, after being Ambassador of ISDI Business School, has joined our team as Director of operations (and we could say that “Swiss Army Knife”) of Thinkers Co. Javier not only moves “like a fish in water” in the legal and business sector, but his curiosity for the digital world has also led him to be trained in areas such as programming with PHP, MySQL and HTM5. In addition, he also has training and experience as a Product Manager and Scrum Master

We were looking to take advantage of the digital tool as a resource to amplify and disseminate what we had already built

Reinventing the Spanish expression, we could say that “every new Thinker comes with a loaf of bread under his arm”, and thanks to the incorporation of Javier, we are also accelerating a whole process of change and evolution that we had been developing for some time. 

Yes, NOVELTIES AND SURPRISES are coming! If you want to be the first to know about our new platform, enter dothinklab.com and leave us your email so we can let you know when it’s up and running.

We don’t want to make spoilers, but digitalization is getting faster and faster, so, after the pandemic, we knew it was time for Thinkers to evolve, taking advantage of digital tools as a resource to amplify and disseminate what we had already built in analog.

We will soon be launching a new website and a new digital project… which, for the moment, we will not spoil

As part of our change and evolution, we are redesigning our website, which will be available very soon. We wanted to give a “digital wash” to our concept as a company, focusing on a new communication plan much clearer and providing a much closer digital experience.

But what about the community?

Is it going to disappear? Yes and no. We don’t want to reveal too much yet, but thanks to Javier’s support, we can unveil a new tool, a digital ecosystem aimed at those people who like to “get into the mud” to face challenges and develop projects in a collaborative way, using design and innovation methodologies.

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oin us in this process of evolution, in which we have dedicated all our effort and enthusiasm to continue providing all our thinkers with all the news, tools, methodologies and creative tips that help us find innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Will you join us in this adventure?

The Thinkers family 🙂 and we keep growing…

Published on 23/03/2022

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