Innovation, less is more

The power of the observation and folk knowledge

BlogInnovation, less is more. The power of observation and folk knowledge.
On many occasions, when we face an innovation process, we focus on the need to be innovative. This search makes us want to ideate, create, develop, or implement new technologies and knowledge. Consequently, all of this leads to high complexity based on our own storage and generation of information, where we usually end up with certain dilemmas:

  • How to process all this information?
  • How to put order and generate value?
  • What should we really do?
  • Where is the novel?
In short, we end up wanting to “reinvent the wheel”. But, many times the learning we want to know is much simpler and closer to us than we thought. We could build great things if we restored to folk knowledge, habits, and traditions. Many times, less is more, and the excessive focus on development makes us lose simple opportunities that are within our reach in pursuit of high goals hard to achieve.

In Thinkers Co. we emphasize the idea of democratizing innovation so that all society advance as a whole, because innovation does not try to apply complex procedures or seek to expand our capabilities, but to know how to listen and observe our environment. A good example of this is the case of Oleicopiel, a product developed by three nurses of the High-Performance Hospital of Puente Genil and used in several hospitals of the country.

We could build great things if we restored to folk knowledge, habits, and traditions.

Based on extra virgin olive oil (98%), it seeks to prevent the appearance of ulcers on the skin of patients with mobility or circulatory problems. A great idea of good use of popular knowledge as a highly effective, profitable solution, and, particularly, an innovative solution that saves costs in treatments.

Published at 11/02/2018

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