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It was in Spring 2011 when a group of challenge explorers and ideas architects observed that there were other vias to drive innovation. Those youths –characterized by being rogue, curious and independent– decided to start a project that would keep them together until today: Thinkers Co., the Innovation and Design agency that provides you with the means to build new experiences, products, and services to boost your business.

A team of challenges explorers and ideas architects.

Indeed, that’s still the dream. Work hard to offer ecosystems that encourage innovation, creativity, and worker efficiency, from the physical to the virtual world. Therefore, different products began to appear: first, the book Designpedia, with more than 10.000 copies sold; next, the collaborative furniture Forthink with our partner Ofita; and, in the end, the digital platform Dothink present on both sides of the Atlantic.

From the beginning, those youths wondered: how the company interacts with their workers and users? What does the company do for them? And, how do organisms see themselves? A set of issues that seem to be crucial when implementing the innovation culture. A culture that is also favored by the new work methodologies: Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile.

How the company interacts with their workers and users?

Given this context, what role does the consultancy play in the digital age? After the experience of being entrepreneurs and observers of our time, the talent that leads Thinkers Co. becomes a facilitator of change and works with your team to democratize innovation and unlock your full potential.

Published at 11/02/2018

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