How to enhance a creativity session with your team.

The creative contract.

Thinkers Co Blog - How to enhance a creativity session with your team.

How many times has it happened to you that in a creativity session with your team or your client, people have dispersed, the ideas they wrote are not completely understood or are focused on what they thought, or some don’t let others talk or nothing was understood at all? What a mess!

For the next time, we propose to do a “creative contract” with them. Let’s not fool ourselves, people like to play, but an important part of the games are the rules. Therefore, we propose a series of “rules” that you must first verbalize and sign by your participants, to help us to reach highly productive sessions.

These are the “rules” that we propose

How to enhance a creativity session

1. “I just know that I don’t know anything”
Tolerates uncertainty between moments of convergence and divergence.

The transfer from one thought to another is what worse leads people. That is why it would help attendees to visualize the present moment where we are and also to understand the virtues of each stage.

How to enhance a creativity session

2. “One by one”
If we talk at the same time we miss things.

You must try to talk one at a time because if not, some small groups will be created and then they will miss what others are talking about, even when it is interesting for them. Therefore, try to make clear that one speaks at a time and everyone respects each turn to talk. Interrupting does not help!

How to enhance a creativity session

03. “Say phrases, not single words”
Make short sentences of what you want to explain, a single word can be misunderstood.

When we are putting our ideas or want to verbalize something, we tend to be concise because that way is faster. The problem when you use single words is that nobody understands anything, only you. Get used to write your ideas in sentences. With a subject, a verb … those things 

How to enhance a creativity session

04. “Think with your hand”
The words are blown away or lost if you don’t write what you say.

This is a very important key: everything you don’t write does not exist. Therefore, for these explosive sessions, try to think with your hand, write everything you are thinking without analyzing because then, there will be time to order or discard the thoughts. Otherwise, we assure you that you will not remember them.

How to enhance a creativity session

05. “Don’t say killing phrases”
Phrases such as: “That is nonsense”, “We have already done it”, “It is very expensive” … They block creativity.

These phrases are poison and many times they are not said to do wrong, but they naturally come out. Be the first in giving the example. In moments of divergence, of creativity, where people are contributing, do not stop them; if not, the team will be neutralized and it would be difficult to put the mind back in divergent mode.

How to enhance a creativity session

06. “Yes, and also”
Get inspired and build with the ideas of others. Remember, one for all and all for one.

Try to build on what your teammates say, do not stop them, let ideas flow. It is better to contribute to others as if it were a jazz concert. There is no greater creative power than a good team in harmony.

How to enhance a creativity session

07. “DO NOT fall in love with your idea”
Build with your team to move forward, don’t be a burden.

The greatest danger in an ideation process is not to stay blank, but to hold on to your idea and force the team to stop divergence. Remember, that in the phase of generating ideas, we need quantity, get your idea and try to create 10 more.

How to enhance a creativity session

08. “Learn from mistakes”
Failure is the cheapest and deepest way to learn. Take out the child inside.

Print in your memory that the greatest learning is the one in which we fail and have taken a lesson. This is knowledge of the good and is the most agile way anyone has when facing uncertainty environments.

We recommend that before each session you explain these “rules”, so each team endorses these sentences. Put this “creative contract” close to them, so if someone “breaks the rules” at any time, you can teach them again. It is important to do this dynamic before every session, so it will help you when you see that things are being twisted or stuck.

Published at 27/08/2019

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