How to apply the Customer Journey

BlogHow to apply the Customer Journey, how to visualize several innitiatives within the company.
The following example deals with a leading company in the world of sports retail, which makes a lot of effort so that Customer Experience goes beyond the mere purchase.

The firm had the following problem, as many large companies they carried out innumerable initiatives to improve the business, attract new customers, or create the best experience for their current user. The trouble comes when many of those initiatives are duplicated or focused on what it is not so important for the clients.
This problem usually arises in large companies (and in medium-sized SMEs) because it is difficult to visualize the complexity of all the initiatives that are occurring at the same time in the company.

Therefore, the challenge of Thinkers Co. was…

How could we visualize all the initiatives at a glance? How could we assess which initiative makes the most sense for our client?

The sponsor of the project had clear that the solution was to paint a visual panel, but the problem was how to put the information, so it was no complex and became another presentation of follow-up projects.

We proposed to monitor the actions through a very powerful tool, the Customer Journey Map but adapted to the company needs. Thanks to this tool, we identified the moments in the user’s experience regarding sport (worked through the Persona tool) regarding sport, as well as the company touchpoints. This helped us to understand how is the journey of each user typology and which are the key moments in their experience.

Once this global journey was built, we did many co-creation sessions with people from different departments, so that they could turn over all the initiatives and find patterns to group them. Once clustered, they were placed in the journeys to see which one of the moments applied to the user’s experience.

As a result, they had a visualization panel focused on the customer experience that helped us to:

  • Decide if we were doing well in the client’s moment of truth.
  • Observe if we were duplicating (or not) initiatives among different areas.
  • Share and see with the whole company what is happening in the house at a project level.
  • See if each area initiatives align with the core strategies.

Now is your turn! Download the Customer Journey Map and build yours.

Published at 08/03/2018

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