Design of educational slots

New learning places trends

Design of educational slots. New learning places trends
It is obvious that with the incorporation of new technologies and the globalization of the markets, in the last 40 years our life made a 180º turn. Then, why do we keep learning the same way?

The values, principles and needs of society are completely different.

Today’s teaching methods are outdated, they are too rigid and do not encourage creativity neither idea generation.

Until now, industrialized nations’ culture promoted the value of efficiency, effectiveness and wealth generation over play, fantasy or reflection. But we moving to look for these principles which foster curiosity and forget logic to make us imagine, dream and fantasize without limits. Design of educational slots. Boosting creativity If we manage to promote these attributes and try to make learning a different experience, the results will be extraordinary.

1. Breaking the rules
To achieve this change, we must not only focus on a cultural change to update and promote new values but adapt the whole concept of teaching. From the space dedicated to it to the figure of the teacher, also in any educational space, from schools to corporations.

The classroom will become, from a room with desks, to the vehicle which expands knowledge, motivates and generates creative confidence to facilitate the spread of ideas letting think “OUT OF THE BOX”. Design of educational slots. Breaking the rules On the other hand, the teacher will leave aside the figure of the owner and transmitter of knowledge, to become the person who will stimulate the creation of such knowledge in students by facilitating their acquisition.

2. Which is our destination?
The goal of this new trend is to reach a student-centered teaching method, where the teacher is the facilitator or coach and the students are able to solve challenges through practice, “LEARNING BY DOING”. Working on projects to create a collaborative ecosystem will be encouraged, deleting subjects or schedules, and promoting a more solid learning method with senses and emotions.

The purpose of this change will be to enhance the talent, competences, and aptitudes of the students, fostering multiple intelligences to tap their full potential.Design of educational slots 3. The new student’s journey
This new methodology will impact on different areas such as the collection of material, individual team learning, the distribution of space and the expansion of knowledge.

In this way, it is proposed to delete the concept of learning assessment through traditional exams and homework. What is worked in the classroom stays in the classroom and the students will get the necessary autonomy to be self-sufficient in the management of their materials.

Bringing in this autonomy it is claimed to deal with one of the weak points of the current teaching model in terms of individual learning.

Students tend to get bored and disconnect from the system as teamwork is continually discussed but not practiced. Design of educational slots.The new student's journey In order to implement these methodology changes, the infrastructure will be also replaced. It is proposed a new distribution of the space to break down walls and creates large open spaces where work in teams. These spaces will have particular characteristics such as being connected, having bright light and colors as well as tables and spaces for teamwork, both for teachers and students. It is proposed to integrate the offices of the tutors in the same area, in the same way, spaces for disconnection and self-reflection will be added, such as sofas where to read.

The aim of these changes is to update the concept of education. Education will go from assuming the transmission of knowledge to facilitating its expansion.

The student will stop learning concepts and subjects to discover their life project and learn to reflect and make their own decisions.

4. How to make it posible
As we have said, this new learning concept aims to encourage the generation of ideas, which is required not only within schools but also within corporations.

To tap the full potential of your employees and favor the generation and transmission of knowledge, at Thinkers Co. we promote the creation of collaborative spaces for innovation.Design of educational slots. Collaborative spaces of innovation We design spaces with the aim of enhance teamwork, innovation and collaboration.

We think the office is the meeting point between a company, its people, its challenges and its processes,, nevertheless, it is not adapted to the needs of new working methodologies. To change the teams’ working methods and integrate new methodologies, it is necessary to work in an adapted space, in terms of the entire office not only a specific room.

Our space design process is based on three key phases:

  • 1. Current diagnosis
    First of all, we carry out agile researches with the purpose of understanding the user needs and goals within the workspace
  • 2. Co-creations with the user
    Once we know the user’s needs, we develop co-creations in which, together, we focus on their needs to generate ideas that lead to the design of valuable spaces.
  • 3. Space definition
    Based on the selected ideas during the co-creation, we design a workspace adapted to the needs of the team dynamics and which facilitates the development of different collaborative innovation methodologies. Design of educational slots. Design process of collaborative spaces of innovation We promote the design of “liquid” school spaces that allow their adaptation to the collaborative processes of the teams.

    This is achieved through the use of mobile and modular furniture and accessories such as magnetized whiteboards and storage areas to make the most of the space.

    In this way, we will create an open space and we will also be able to configure this “nomadic” furniture according to the needs to enhance teamwork in a more collaborative and operational way. Explore our section of spaces and integrate it into your educational center to get its full potential

Published at 02/04/2020

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