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In the digital era where the industry is evolving and the fourth industrial revolution is coming, a new love story emerges in the prevailing chaos: design and business have been promised. We have heard much talk about their romance, their romantic adventures, and even the emergence of new toddlers in the family (business design, service design…) We have been talking for a long time about the importance of design in the current era, and philosophies such as Design Thinking are being implemented in top management and first level business schools.

The continuous approach, caused a slight merger that a couple of years ago finally saw the light: Accenture bought Fjord. When the almighty consultant group made its move, nobody was surprised. The rapprochement between the two worlds had been boiling for a while and finally, it yields results, Accenture bought Fjord to conquer the new ‘gadgets’. In the same way as technological startups, created in an autonomous way and immersed in rapid acquisitions, the paradigmatic case itself follows the same line.

The best way to fight the battle is to buy new weapons and acquire an experienced army.

However, it is not the first marriage, nor will it be the last. This dynamic began some time ago when Google bought the creative studio Mike and Maaike or Facebook acquired the user experience part of the company Hot.

The importance of humanism and the know-how of the design world begins to emerge as a necessary fundamental value: beyond generating sustainable and profitable business models, as well as developing advanced and cutting-edge technology, we must provide a good user experience and engage with the emotions of our customers to respond to their deepest concerns and needs.

Nevertheless, it is not as novel as it seems. When we look back, we can remember how at the beginning of the last century the painter Peter Behrens, immersed in the arts and crafts, positioned himself at the top of the German company AEG and spent there their best working years. The story is repeated in this new century with Jonathan Ive, responsible for the best designs of Apple as the iPod, and recently being appointed not only lord and master of the hardware but responsible for software development.

From Thinkers Co. that is our bet, humanizing business through design. And through design, improving the business of the company.

Published at 19/04/2018

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