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A curious human condition is to measure everything. If we do not measure and compare, many of us do not have references on whether we are doing it right or wrong, or if it could improve “x” record.

This is related to the fever that arose with sports meters, such as the device created by Nike, FuelBand. Measure, compare, overcome. These devices have given us an injection of motivation to go running and share our feats with our friends.

Now, what if we really quantify everything?

The fever has broken out and we see accountants everywhere. The truth is that counting is a good gamification technique for all types of businesses. Seeing how much time do you need to do something or how many times you need to fulfill your goal, is motivating and makes you move forward day by day.

Another interesting gadget is the one that counts the tablespoons you make while eating. It may seem useless, but surely someone is interested. There is another project called the SmartBall, a ball with sensors that knows everything that is happening while you play: the maximum speed, how many kilometers it has made, among other data.

And here comes another question:

What do you think your client would like to quantify about them?

  • Example 1: if you were selling pots, would you see interesting to know how many times a day they were watered? Wait, let’s gamify this. Could you feed that plant with only 1 liter of water? The game would consist of optimizing the resources you spend and acquire the award of the person who saves the most.
  • Example 2: If you were selling bowls for pet food, would you see it interesting to know how long does it takes it to eat everything? Or if you could share that and say that your pet is the fastest?
  • Example 3: if you were in the sex industry, would you be interested to know how many “shakes” you have made with your partner? And the difficult question now, would you be interested in sharing it?

Here we enter a moral ground … Registering our privacy, the everyday, what defines us as a person, are issues that generate discussion. One thing is our hobbies but, as society progresses, taboos are being eliminated and then what it recently seemed modest, now it is more normal. For example, think about the Roman baths, they made their needs together, even important meetings were closed in the toilet, can you imagine that situation now?, talking about a salary increase while you both were sitting in the toilet face to face?

At Thinkers Co. we see endless game possibilities, millions of new business ideas and gamification. The sensors that are increasingly present in our lives will give us new ways of interaction and the opportunity of rediscovering our rituals. As it was inscribed in the temple of Apollo in ancient Greece “know yourself” and as we would say now “know yourself and share it”.

Published at 24/04/2018

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