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The experience of emotions and the impact into the company

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From lat. experience.

  1. f. Having felt, known or witnessed something.
  2. f. Prolonged practice that provides knowledge or ability to do something.
  3. f. Knowledge of life acquired by circumstances or situations lived.
  4. f. Circumstance or event lived by a person.
  5. f. Experiment

For Thinkers Co., Customer Experience (CX) is defined as the management of our clients’ experiences, the management of their emotions. What we observe is that many times the lack of understanding and resistance to change makes it difficult to design a framework that not only looks at the present, but also at the future.

The CX is a matter the entire organization and that is why it must be taken into account in the strategic axes, in the quick wins and in the results in the medium and long term with the aim of giving sustainability. This is so. Clients will live a differential experience if the culture of the organization is centered on the client, if the CX is part of the DNA of the organization.

When you study consumer behavior and design the Customer Journey Map , it is important to understand the real expectations, needs and pain points of the client. Well, the analysis of the impact that the decisions and actions they have on the client is essential to understand the context of the experience.

Experience as an emotion and attachment to a brand.

The client is more than a person who intervenes in our transactional exchange.They depend on a complex context, with an identity and a history that is constantly connected in the presence of companies and brands. Therefore, social knowledge is essential in the design of experiences.

Why? Because people-centered design is humanistic. To applied this there are several qualitative and quantitative methodologies. One o them is the Design Thinking methodology, which solves design challenges by combining divergent and convergent thinking. A tension of ways of thinking to design experiences.

How do we do it? First, we must ask ourselves how our company works before we want to create an impact on CX . Ideally, people-centered companies foster a creative and learning environment through constructive feedback. As well as the integration of multidisciplinary teams. This enriches the 360º study of the consumer, so important in the development of experiences. However, we will end up seeing our clients do not know what they want … They have a point of irrationality.

Nor should we forget that:


  • Employee experience directly impacts customer experience.
  • You must have an alignment of all areas of the company.
  • And you can not miss executive support. Without it, the success of experience management cannot be given.

The entire organization has to have the full conviction that the focus should be on the client, so they make sure everyone goes in the same direction. The fact that they measure the actions and have information from different departments, will facilitate the implementation of Customer Experience design projects.

Published at 24/05/2018

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