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Develop innovation skills in the meantime we short out challenges

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Have you ever heard about Boot Camp? Maybe it’s your first time thus we will briefly explain to you what it is.

Boot camp, it’s a learning format to develop new agile skills with a high impact.

Which is Boot Camps origin?
It doesn’t come from education either innovation field, it’s origin is related to military physical training. Since ancient times, one of the military goals was to have their soldiers in an optimal physical state. These workouts aim was to improve soldiers skills. That is why Boot Camp evolved until being the equivalent of high-intensity training.

What is the learning Boot Camp?
In the business and innovation field, companies use the word Boot Camps as training programs where the employee wants to acquire skills through experience in a short time.

This programs aim is the total learning immersion, blocking the employee agenda during some days to focus just on his learnings and exercises.

There are much Boot Camps themes related to innovation methodologies as
Design Thinking, Ux, Lean Startup, Service Design, Scrum, Kanban… All of them for a different learning need.

These programs allow an agile program immersion in a short period of time.

What is the role of Boot Camps in the company?
Little by little, companies start to use this learning model due to they let teach and develop new personal skills at the time they solve challenges.

For example, imagine a situation where a company department discovers a new dare, remember Challenge vs Dare, they are not the same ;). If you use real company dares in your training, people will be more motivated. Boot Camps help you to find new business models or solutions for your challenges. The final goal is to generate ideas and define concepts that help us to create presentations for the sponsor. This character can be very diverse, from the head of the department to the head of directors.

As the final goal is to learn, Boot Camps take more time. Experience has taught us that instead of creat 2-3 days sessions, it’s better to develop 6-8 weeks split sessions to combine training with the day a day activity of the company.

As you can see in the project VidaCaixa, we developed a Boot Camp focused on Design Thinking so beyond the methodology, participants solved challenges launched by the company.

Out of the company, it is recommended to train during 3-5 following days without interruption, to be able to acquire all the learning skills. That is because in the company, to “deliver” people from the same department at the same time is almost impossible, so it’s better to do it in split longer sessions.

Which are the learning benefits that a company acquires from “Boot camps”?
Inside a changing and competitive business environment, employees may have fast skills development, therefore the most important advantages are:

  • Develop personalized training balanced between new skills development and useful company solutions development.
  • Develop learning processes to impart practical knowledge that companies demand their employees in a short time.
  • Practical learning from real company dares. Theories as support and insight will be generated.
  • To work with real dares on a theoretical basis help to increase the learning curve.
  • Learning time is optimized and useful company info provided. (Example: develop new retail experiences).
  • Compared to any other format or training style, it is the learning solution with the highest cost-benefit ratio.

boot camp experiencias inmersivas de aprendizaje

From our experience in the training corporate field development, Boot Camps help to improve training image for participants. Employees think these training are useful and can be implemented in their day a day since they are developing solutions for real challenges. According to the company, it has double value, since Boot Camps allow its employees to learn while they are solving company challenges.

Remember, the progress starts from the inside.

In Thinkers Co. we design the process and basis to get the highest performance of your team, encouraging their abilities and solving the company challenges. We work in a secure environment controlled to end with your team barriers and get their highest creative potential.

If you are looking for immersion experiences in innovation methodologies, contact us and tell us your team learning needs and company dares.

Published at 20/01/2020

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