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Thinkers Co Blog - 5 tips to prepare a TEDxTalk
Nowadays, TED talks are a source of information and inspiration for everyone. How many of us have dreamed of participating in one of them and exposing our ideas to the world? Well, if your lucky day has arrived and you have been selected to give a TEDxTalk, or you will give any other type of conference, that don’t panic… in this you would learn the steps to get prepare.

1. Get familiar with the format
All TEDxTalk have a duration less than 18 minutes, since it is proven that this format works. So remember not to miss your time. Tell a short storytelling. A short talk and one speaker at a time ensures a happy audience.

2. Develop the idea
A good idea is based on observation and evidence led to a long conclusion. Start by exposing this exploration through a challenge, a surprising fact or some new information. Verify that the facts you are telling are real and use reliable sources.

To make sure your idea is valid, define it in a couple of sentences and answer these questions:

Is my idea new?
Is it interesting?
Is it objective and realistic?

If the answer is positive to these three questions, pass your idea to another person to validate the answers and confirm that it is not just your intuition.

3. Make an outline and a script
There are many possible structures, but one that works begins by capturing the audience’s attention with an intriguing fact or an example. Then you must explain your idea convincingly and present your evidence. Involve your audience with questions about how or why to implement your idea. And finally, count the benefits of your idea.

Whatever is the structure you use, remember that it must be invisible to the audience, do not explain how you are going to tell your idea, but simply tell it.

4. Create a presentation
Use slides to join and clarify your speech, but ensure that the presentation never causes distractions or confusion to the audience. To do this, we share with you the basic tips:
Make the presentation simple. Remember that less is more.
Use photographs and images and run away from the text. It is difficult for the audience to read and listen at the same time.
Ask the organizer of your event for help and consider the possibility to work with a designer.

5. Practice
It doesn’t matter if you learned your speech by heart. That is not enough. You have to practice every time you can, and if it is possible, to different audiences: in front of a person, in front of a large group of people, people you know, people you fear, people who understand the subject and those who do not… Also remember to practice the posture the duration of your talk.

If you fail, don’t be afraid, it’s the best way to learn. Correct your mistake and try again.

You already have it! Now you are ready to present your ideas in the best way and give a perfect talk to succeed among the best TEDxTalks. You can see how Rafaél Zaragozá – Co-founder and Creative Director at Thinkers Co. did it – in his TEDx Talk where he talked about “How to squeeze your creativity to the fullest”.

To make this post we have based on the TEDx speaker manual. If you want to read it in full We leave the link here.

Published at 27/08/2019

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