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The Designpedia Workbook is a practical book where we propose a series of innovation roadmaps to create impactful solutions for your client through Design Thinking.

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Why these innovation roadmaps?

There is no magic recipe for creating innovation, but there is common sense. In this book, based on the experience of Thinkers Co. we have created the minimum itineraries to create ideas for Product, Business and Customer Experience.

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Small beginnings, great endings.

We explain step by step with tools and real examples how to build these itineraries. In this book we propose the bases, so that little by little you can adapt these "paths" to the reality of your business.

How we do it?

Our methodology is based on the double rhombus model of Design Thinking, a design process composed of four work phases: Map, Explore, Build and Test. These constitute the basis for the application of the different tools.

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3 Roadmaps explained step by step

Designpedia, la gu铆a definitiva para la innovaci贸n.

Based on the creative process of Designpedia 4th Edition


+ 20 Tools explained in Templates in detail

Designpedia, la gu铆a definitiva para la innovaci贸n.

infinite combinations to create your innovation processes

Try these Roadmaps now

To complete this manual we have left you all the templates in our Community so you can download them.

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Go for your Workbook

And start creating your own creative process.

Designpedia, la gu铆a definitiva para la innovaci贸n.
Designpedia, la gu铆a definitiva para la innovaci贸n.

This book will offer you a compendium of tools to think and build, an actionable guided tour with clear objectives to travel to develop innovation.


Director of People Management of Securitas Direct for Iberia and Latam

Designpedia, la gu铆a definitiva para la innovaci贸n.

A successful roadmap that proposes different itineraries to know how to undertake that journey, with examples, tips and advice so that we can go through the exciting challenge of transforming the culture of people and organizations.


Global Head of New Ways of Working, Repsol

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The methodology and tools compiled in our innovation book are the ones we apply when facing your challenges.

How can we help you?

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