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Beyond Design Thinking

Speculative Design and other design disciplines to generate disruptive ideas....

Blog Thinkers Co ¿Qué es el VOC?

What is VOC?

And why it is obtaining more and more importance Nowadays,...

Blog Top 10 del 2018, las herramientas más usadas del año: Customer Journey Map, Mapa de Empatía, Persona, Stakeholders Map, 5 Porqués, In /Out, Diagrama de Sistemas Eraf, Analogos/Antilogos, Diagnóstico de la Industria y Benchmarking.

Top 10 of 2018

Most used Design Thinking tools of this year. This year...

Blog Thinkers Co - Design Research

Design Research

Rites Explorers   It is known the only way of...

Blog Thinkers Co - Cazadores de Historias

Story Hunters

High impact Design Research   In innovation, an idea is...

Blog Thinkers Co - Service Design

Service Design

Connecting innovation ecosystems   The new economies with their incipient...

Blog Impresión 3D, la fábrica vuelve a casa.

3D Printing

Factory comes back to home Currently, 3D printers are promoting...

Blog Thinkers Co - ¿Cómo aplicamos el Storytelling?

How to apply Storytelling

Humanizing businesses Communicate ideas through stories “[…] The importance of...


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