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Blog Impresión 3D, la fábrica vuelve a casa.

3D Printing

Factory comes back to home Currently, 3D printers are promoting the change of concept visualization and the meaning of manufacturing. So it is appearing new concepts and approaches: which are going to be the new objects? How will be the transition from the "analog" to the "digital" economy? All we know is that, if something is going to characterize this century, it is the importance of placing at the center the people, their needs,…

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Blog Thinkers- ¿Cómo aplicamos el Storytelling? Humanizando los negocios

How to apply Storytelling

Humanizing businesses Communicate ideas through stories"[...] The importance of the details. The details sell the story. You have to know all the details of that place, know if there are toilet paper or air hand dryer. You have to know if the toilets have doors or not, you have to know if the soap is liquid or that pink powder used in the high-school, remember that? You have to know if there is hot…

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Blog ¿Qué es el Design Thinking? Aprender a generar soluciones como un diseñador.

What is Design Thinking?

Learn to build solutions as a designer In short, we could define Design Thinking as a discipline that aims to apply the design process as a holistic approach to solving problems. It can face such uneven challenges that affect the management, communication, business growth, services, and others with the same perspective and systemic thinking with which a designer faces and resolve projects.Being more specific, it assumes as a necessity to combine rational and logical…

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