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Blog Creación de la banca del futuro, Innovación para los consumidores en el sector de banca.

Creation of the bank of the future

Innovation for customers in the banking industry The following case is about a banking company of recent creation arising from the merger of several saving banks.In the project, one of the problems was the need for new value proposals in the sector to build loyalty with their current customers at once they catch a new audience.The beginning of the project was:How could we create the bank of the future for our bank? How could…

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Blog Innovación en el retail, la evolución del consumidor en la industria de la moda.

Innovation in Retail

Customer evolution in the fashion industry The following example is framed in a retail multinational of the fashion industry. One of its current problems and, of the sector in general, is the client evolution and its change of patterns. With the boom of technology, companies realized that the sales in their physical stores were going down, while it was increasing in digital channels. It was obvious. But one of the insights discovered was that…

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Blog Gamificación de la Experiencia de Cliente Alsa, Creación de la Experiencia de Cliente dentro del ámbito de la movilidad internacional a través Comados Alsa.

Gamicating the CX

Customer Experience for ALSA The following example is related to the company Alsa, a transport company that has a fleet composed of 2,850 buses which transport more than 300 million passengers per year, who are served by a competent team of more than 8,000 professionals.The company was already sensitive to the Customer Experience (CX) but they wanted to take the first line to the next level. Their objective was to detect problems in the…

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