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Facilitation dynamics

Actionbook de Designpedia is a practical manual on how to get the most out of team meetings through concrete dynamics to create impactful conversations in your projects.

Facilitate work meetings with your team to solve any problem. Create visual conversations through the itineraries we propose.

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Team thinking

In this book you will find a series of facilitation dynamics explained step by step to get the most out of each session. You will find tips and tricks to define the perfect business meeting.

How do we do it?

All the dynamics in this book are based on the Design Thinking methodology, a creative problem-solving process that allows us to guide and organize the way a team thinks about any type of problem in an orderly manner.

8 facilitation dynamics explained step-by-step

5ª edición

Based on the creative process of Designpedia 5th edition.

+ 18 templates explained step-by-step


Create several combinations on the bases that we propose you

Designpedia, la guía definitiva para la innovación.

In this new issue we are shown, as a compass, the basic concepts of facilitation, as well as easily replicable dynamics in a visual and very attractive way.


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Designpedia, la guía definitiva para la innovación.

More and more people need a guide to train them in the sometimes somewhat abstract skills of facilitation. This "Actionbook" is a perfect help.


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